Which type of loan should I choose? Weekly or Monthly loan?

Together with the official limiting of monthly interest fee charged by authorized money lenders in Singapore to 4% since 1 October 2015, several credit companies have now changed their clients to weekly mortgage agreement (instead of monthly) so that you can circumvent the legislation and insure their losses in interest earnings. Each one of these here’s why and are in the cost of the debtors.


Borrowers’ Present Scenario

Among the questions better describes this that we’ve received lately:

I’d like to take an unsecured loan to assist tide over some private issues up. Therefore I must enquire to get financing which is for repayment that is monthly but a lot of places don’t do month-to-month deal.
Weekly VERSUS Monthly Contract

Essentially your mortgage consists of your theory quantity and two parts – interest and an endorsement fee charged. And each single time financing contract is signed by you, you’ll need to pay these 2 parts.


You can simply refund it after 30 days. and in the event you wish to mortgage S$1,000


According to Contract:

You’ll have to sign financing contract once, plus it’s going to set you back a complete of approximately S$140 in curiosity and payment.


According to Weekly Contract:

You’ll have to sign financing contract 4x (once every week), also it is going to set you back a complete of approximately S$4 4 in payment and curiosity.



As it is possible to observe, for weekly mortgage agreement you’ll need to cover about 300% IMPROVE in charge and curiosity (as compared to monthly) for borrowing the identical amount of cash for the exact same duration of time!

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